MENU Bottle Grinder (2 Pack)

MENU Bottle Grinder (2 Pack)


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The Bottle Grinders, designed by Norm Architects for Menu, are an innovative take on traditional spice mills. They come with a powerful ceramic grinding mechanism that is located conveniently on the top part of the mill – you don't have to worry about the grounds spreading on the table. The simple, bottle-shaped design is fun, unique, and looks great in any kitchen.

The set includes two Bottle Grinders in different tones, perfected with steel adjustment knobs. The grinders have a silicone coating that is easy to clean and provides a good grip. In 2019, the coating was updated to a new version that makes the grinders even easier to keep clean.

Dimensions:   Diameter 8cm x Height 20.5cm

Composition:   BPA-free plastic, ceramic grinder, wood or steel

Care:   Clean the grinders with a soft sponge using lukewarm water mixed with soap flakes. Before refilling the grinders, wipe them with a clean damp cloth and make sure they are thoroughly dried off.

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