Emerging Artist Essentials


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Every budding young artist needs a kit full of the essential tools to get those ideas out. The Printworks Emerging Artist Essentials is a set of drawing tools housed in a stylish hardcover case, ready to take anywhere.

The kit includes:

·         2 graphite pencils in 2B and 4B

·         10 lead pencils in varying hardness ranging from HB to 8B

·         3 charcoal pencils in soft, medium and hard

·         2 tortillons (tapered paper for blending and smudging pencils)

·         3 pastel pencils in white, red and brown

·         2 erasers and 2 sharpeners for different pencil types

·         Posable mannequin

Dimensions:   Length 25.5cm x Width 34.5cm x Height 5cm