Kate Sylvester Clothing

Kate Sylvester and her clothing label of the same name have made waves across the world. Find an effortlessly chic piece or curate a gorgeous new outfit from a range of garments crafted for quality. Go for something a little more muted and minimalist or bring vibrancy to your outfit with the classic colourful Kate Sylvester pop. Whatever your style may be, without a doubt, there is something from Kate Sylvester’s clothing collection that you will absolutely love. Explore Kate Sylvester's dresses, trousers, coats, and more below.

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As one of New Zealand's top designers, Kate Sylvester’s beautiful garments have found a home inside our department store. Sharing our core brand values, including these chic and striking garments in our store was an obvious decision. Between 80 and 90 per cent of the brand's clothing is crafted with love, right here in New Zealand. When you shop the Kate Sylvester range, you're also supporting local industries. All aspects of the operation are as sustainable as possible to minimise waste and set an excellent example for other brands. Even the scrapped fabric goes to good use with additional clothing lines. There is no sign of Kate Sylvester anywhere near the fast fashion sphere. Choosing quality clothing over quantity means that each garment can stay by your side forever.

Find All Your Sustainable Style Essentials at Thomas’s Department Store

For more than a century, Thomas’s Department Store has provided Kiwis with high-quality garments that last for years. Low-quality clothing quickly ends up in landfills and is an unethical way to create garments. We believe each garment should live a long and fulfilling life; this is the core value that backs our business. When you shop with us and partner brands, you can always be confident that you have supported ethical and sustainable practices. Explore our collection of clothing and accessories online and start curating a closet that can last a lifetime.

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