Kowtow Clothing

Kowtow clothing is all about sustainable fashion. With organic cotton and Fairtrade-certified partners, each Kowtow garment is crafted to live a long life. Browse Kowtow clothing below and discover the sustainable-chic look.

The Kowtow Cycle

As a successful New Zealand label, Kowtow revolutionised how we buy and wear our clothes, setting an example for other brands. The brand has had a complete environmental focus since the beginning and has carried those values for almost two decades.
The brand's innovative circular approach to fashion ensures that Kowtow clothing lives a complete life, with every moment of the garment's lifecycle considered. Free repairs are offered for damaged garments, and customers are encouraged to return clothing once it's reached the end of its life.
The innovative label aims to keep our landfills clear of clothing and fight the damage caused by fast fashion. Ultimately, the brand is working toward a strategy to repurpose clothing that has reached the end of its lifespan—a fantastic initiative that we hope to see more brands practice.
Kowtow strives to set an example for the fashion industry; the collection includes casual, everyday clothes. The designs are timeless, ethically produced, and look and feel fantastic. Quality is always at the forefront, so you can count on these timeless pieces remaining in your closet for years to come.

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