Thomas's department store is a family-owned and operated store based in Marlborough. Since 1912, we’ve been proud to put our people and the planet first. Our store has one of the largest ranges of ethical & sustainable brands in New Zealand, with a reputation that has been built over an entire century.

We offer a diverse range of high-end fashion and homeware brands through our personalised shopping experience. When you shop at Thomas’s, you can be confident that your products are high quality and ethically made. Your patronage also helps us support local community charities and events—which we thank you for!

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Celebrating 110 years


Our top priority as a department store is to ensure we partner with brands that treat both their workers and the planet well. Our product range is ethically-produced and high-quality, each piece is an investment-no fast fashion here.

We keep our core values at the forefront of our business and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Our department store strives toward changing the industry for the better. Visit our flagship Marlborough location today for the full Thomas's experience or browse our online department store in NZ.


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Thomas’s Marlborough are on a mission to build an ethical and sustainable department store that puts people and our planet first. That’s why, when we partner with brands we always ask them two key questions: ‘How do they treat their staff and how do they make their products?’ We know our personal values of fairness and sustainability needs to be reflected in the way we interact with our community and other businesses. At Thomas’s Marlborough we go the extra distance to support quality over quantity; people over profit; and the future of our planet for future generations.
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A responsible and sustainable production initiative to ensure our wash processes leave the smallest possible footprint.

Emma Lewisham

Did you know that the beauty industry alone is responsible for over 120 billon units of waste every year?


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Emma Lewisham

Did you know that the beauty industry alone is responsible for over 120 billon units of waste every year?