Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration - Refill Pod


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Thank you for choosing to purchase a Skin Reset refill pod and keep your packaging in use! Please remember not to throw out your empty pod - simply pop it out and send it back to us to be sterilised and refilled through our circularity initiative - Beauty Circle.

·         By purchasing a refill you are reducing your impact by:

·         Up to 71% less CO2 emissions

·         45% less water

·         Minimising the 114 billion units of beauty packaging discarded each year

We think endlessly producing new things instead of using what we have makes zero sense. Why would we extract new things from the ground, use more energy, more water and produce more carbon, when we can use the valuable materials we already have. It also makes zero sense to recycle* things after a single use (using more energy and omitting more carbon) when they are strong enough to last many uses! Sounds silly doesn’t it? We agree. It’s time to go circular. Let’s keep our precious resources in circulation and lower our impact together.

·         Intensely hydrates, replenishing moisture

·         Delivers an ultra-radiant, youthful glow

·         Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles