Casual Outfits for Autumn: Explore the Styles of the Season

A new season is upon us and while the leaves fall, most people are re-organising their closets. As one of the top online department stores in NZ, we share some of the fashion trends you can expect to see this season. Taking inspiration from the recent fashion week runways around the world and some of the world’s top fashion blogs, here are some autumn fashion trends to keep your eye on in 2022 and beyond.

Keep it Flowy

Straight from New York Fashion Week runways to casual outfits in autumn, expect to see a lot of flow. Whether it’s a chic cape or a loose sundress, flowing fabric is everything this season.
Kowtow clothing has the perfect piece for any occasion. Featuring a huge range of colours and prints, you can look fabulous in bright pops of colour, soft pastels, and gorgeous print designs.
The Goldie Top makes a great addition to your autumn style, with the gathered waistline bringing a beautiful flow to the top. Looking for the perfect autumn dress? Expect loose-fitting and flowy designs, with khaki-type colours such as the simple, yet stunning Kowtow Circle Dress.

No Straps in Sight

It may be autumn, but we’re still getting that summer heat, which is great because it seems like almost everything is strapless this year! Strapless dresses and tops are the perfect way to show off your decolletage and shoulders with a low neck cut. Strapless garments are perfect for keeping cool while delivering that edgy-chic look we all love.
The Three AM Top is a perfect option. This tight-fit, simple leopard print top (with sans straps) makes the ideal base layer for a casual autumn outfit. Layer it with a flowy cape or pair it with some flared pants and some giant earrings to show off your collarbones.

Lots of Jewellery

A big trend from all the recent fashion shows is jewellery—the bigger the better. As many autumn clothing trends showcase minimal designs, we’re seeing more attention being drawn to jewellery. Pearls and crystals are common themes this year in fashion, from chokers to thick chain bracelets dangling with crystal charms, ringing back to the fashion of the early 2000s.
This season we’ll likely see lots of bulky rings, multiple necklaces, bangles, and oversized earrings—not all at once of course—however, there is a slight theme of maximalism when it comes to jewellery in 2022.


Crochet is everywhere lately, from incredibly cute hats and tote bags to entirely crocheted garments like blouses and dresses. Crochet brings a touch of personality and uniqueness to clothing, making the most of creating intricate textures and designs.
Crochet brings us back to the artisanal fashion practices, highlighting the true effort and talent that goes into creating a gorgeous garment. There are endless possibilities with crochet, and we’re beyond excited to see it coming into fashion this season.

Curate Your Autumn Style With Thomas’s

Whether you follow the style trends or create your own, at Thomas’s department store you can find high-quality designer clothing to love and wear for years to come.
Autumn is a chance to revamp your closet and add some pieces that you’ll never want to part from. Browse our department store online for women’s fashion and men’s fashion styles to incorporate into your wardrobe this year.