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Drenched in Trench: Trench Coats Trending for 2023!

by Hamish Thomas 13 Jun 2023
If you haven’t noticed already, 2023 is all about the trench coat. Seriously, this classic coat silhouette has swung the doors wide open with a comeback that has been simmering away for some time. Originally developed for British Army officers before the First World War, and becoming popular while used in the ‘trenches’, there are but two words that are conjured up when we see this classic piece of design: ‘utility’ and ‘sophistication’.

At Paris Fashion Week 2023, the trend of practicality was evident as show-goers opted for trench coats instead of puffers and furs. As streetwear brands pay homage the late 80s recession era gothic, and the prudish civility of boom time America - the post-COVID era fashion trends have been beckoning for simplicity and sophistication once again. The zeitgeist says it all: we want quiet statement pieces that are adaptable to our wardrobe – classic silhouettes that go with almost everything.

Despite the usual association of trench coats as business-casual, they also offer exceptional versatility. A trench coat has the ability to bring elegance to a relaxed ensemble, like grey sweatpants, or infuse a touch of drama into a basic outfit.
The best part about owning a trench coat is that you can really make it your own. A hoody and beany with jeans is transformed into ‘model off-duty’; and a suit becomes polished and urbane in an instant.

Thomas’s Marlborough has a range of trench coats on the racks right now, and we are seeing this piece inside many of our Autumn Winter collections. Our fabulous team member Mallory showcases offerings from three designers – All About Eve, Elka Collective, and Shona Joy - to demonstrate the extraordinary versality of this classic jacket.

While the Emerson Trench Coat by All About Eve in the black colourway would be beyond ideal for dress up or business, that true versatility of this piece can be shown when paired with a hoody, jeans and beanie. Relaxed and casual becomes slouchy stylish in a second. We love this look for the escape from home, get out of our way, determined for coffee vibe.

Next up the Freja Trench by Elka Collective redefines the badass boss babe archetype in the Chocolate Check pattern. Throw down for all you lovers of the finer things in life, this jacket is a timelessly relevant style designed to be worn year after year. We know that gets said a lot, but we’re claiming it this time. Great with a long sleeved shirt and a French tuck (better not get the first letters of those two words messed up).

Last but not least, you are going to blow minds and paradigms with the Matilda Trench Coat from Shona Joy. Look, we are going to say it right now, okay, Shona Joy gets that whole sophisticated boho girl vibe oh so well, that you could imagine yourself slaying it, all day anywhere in the world. Perfectly matched here with a fabulous wool tank and matching Shona Joy pants. Out of this world goodness.

So there you have it, life is oh so much better and fun with a trench in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to check out the other styles and designers in our range. We cannot lie: we are in love with 2023 already.
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